The Mermaid Chair

Despite the intended purpose of this blog (discussing literature related to education), I have to include one that is just a good, plain, brain-break read. Sue Monk Kidd is the author of The Secret Life of Bees, which IS a young adult novel, and a new favorite of mine. Her newest work is The Mermaid Chair, and is the story of a middle-aged woman struggling to regain her sense of self after devoting the larger portion of her life to her family. There are a few intriguing turns of events that lead to her self-discovery, including traveling back home to take care of her mother who has a scary habit of chopping off her fingers (yeah, I know) and falling in love with a Benedictine monk (yeah, I KNOW!).

Caution: once you begin this book, you will be consumed with it until its conclusion. Do not attempt to read it if you have an important event or deadline looming. Save it for the beach!


  1. I am going on a long trip soon - I can't wait to get to Barnes and Noble to get it!

  2. Post your thoughts after you finish it!

  3. I really liked it! I cried that Jessie carried that heavy guilt around for so long. I wonder how many of us carry heavy burdens that weren't even our burdens to bear. I was very relieved that she and Hugh worked things out for the best, even thought I really liked Whit. What a large mix of emotions this small book can evoke on the peron reading it. (lynn)


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