Reading back over all of my previous entries, and preparing for this one, I am reminded just how much becoming a mother changes a person. Even my book selections are different now! Currently one of the best books I have encountered is On Becoming Babywise, by Gary Ezzo.

Babywise is a pretty controversial book because it advocates the benefits of parent-directed feeding and sleeptime schedules. Dr. Ezzo instructs parents to, above all, listen to their child and learn to read their sleepy and hungry cues, but to also use the clock as a guide for feeding and sleeping at regular intervals. It is considered controversial because most parenting books today favor feeding on demand. In this book, Ezzo explains why it is important to establish parental authority even from infancy, but also lists the many benefits from parent-directed feedings. They include:
-feeding at regular intervals of time helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
-a baby who can soothe himself or herself to sleep
-a baby who sleeps through the night!
-ensuring the baby gets proper nutrients throughout the day
-regulated sleep, play, and feeding times make for a peaceful and happy baby.

People who choose to feed on demand usually do so because they feel as though meeting their baby's needs when he or she is hungry or sleepy is how to make a baby feel secure. Making a baby feel secure, happy, and peaceful is one of the ultimate goals of BabyWise; the only difference is being a proactive parent rather than a reactive one.

I wholeheartedly believe "to each her own." But I have learned in the past 5 months that there is nothing as important as having a game plan when it comes to being a new parent. The best review I can give this book is simply that it worked for me, and it works well.


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  1. I am also a fan of BabyWise!

    While we didn't follow the plan to a "T" (I didn't feel comfortable with some of the suggestions) I totally relied on the eat-play-sleep routine. Skylar is a very happy baby and knows what to predict based on our activities throughout the day. I am a very schedule oriented person and this book was a tremendous help in getting my little one on a schedule.

    With any child, you have to be flexible at times, and BabyWise talks about that often. While the book is controversial, I think it has good goals and tips for any new parent.


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