Water for Elephants (Sara Gruen)

When you reach the end of the short time each of us is given on this Earth, what will be your most memorable moments? For Jacob Jankowski, who is in his nineties, his most powerful memories are from the days he worked for the traveling circus. Starting with the very unexpected death of his parents, Jacob's circus story is filled with sadness, violence, poverty, and injustice. In one situation after another, Jacob (and his new friend Rosie) are connected in a supernatural way. They are both alone and in need of a place to belong. Only for Jacob and Rosie, because it's filled with selfless, crazy people who want only to hurt them, the circus will never be the right home for either of them.

Oh, and another thing...Rosie isn't who you think she is. 

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  1. The end of this story was very suspenseful. Rosie, the elephant, cracked August's skull during the animal stampede with an iron pole. I enjoyed this part very much because August had caused the elephant severe physical injuries. Also, Jacob hated August and wanted him dead because August treated the woman he loved, Marlena, very poorly.
    I would definitely recommend this book to next year's juniors. It was a very enjoyable read and made me want to keep reading until the end.


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