Kindle Convert-2nd edition

It's good to have become more comfy with my Kindle. Read about my conversion here. At this stage, I would say easily that I read every single day for at least 10 minutes on my Kindle, and that of the 8 books I have going right now, 7 of them are on my Kindle. My reading has not changed, but my reading habits are.

Here are some additional perks I've noticed about using the Kindle:

  • pre-orders are available for hotly anticipated books, and are magically directly delivered to your Kindle at the stroke of midnight on release date (actually, whenever you turn on the device after it is released...but technically that could be midnight!)
  • the aforementioned books are always cheaper than purchasing it in a store
  • some library systems are beginning to provide e-checkouts for Kindle users
  • the already impressive battery life easily quadruples when wi-fi/3G is disabled
  • because of the ability to create and manage collections (lists), you can easily batch-add lists of books to your "To-Read" list
And in the interest of presenting a fair and balanced review, here are some of the less desirable qualities of an eReader:
  • Use on airplanes (especially smaller ones) is limited. I once tried using mine anyway with the wireless disabled (rebel that I am), but the flight attendant was having none of that, thankyouverymuch. 
  • There's no getting around it...books are just pretty. I like stacks here and there, and using them around our home. No matter how cute your case is, you just can't decorate with a Kindle. 
  • Even though the stamina of the Kindle's power charge is ah-may-zing, I still love that an actual physical book can never deny me access because of a low battery. 


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